Why life is beautiful post baby

This morning I stumbled upon an article on my Facebook feed and it has inspired me to write this post. The woman who wrote the article states that everybody ‘warned’ her about what life would be like post baby but failed to point out the good parts. This is exactly what I want to write about. I spent most of my pregnancy waiting nervously in the corner for whatever was coming next. Colleagues, friends, people on the street would look at my bump and say wonderful things like: “enjoy your sleep while you can”. Infact here are some of my old favourites: “you will never lose your baby weight and your tummy will be wobbly like jelly”, and “your relationship will go down here from now”. Even healthcare professionals force fed me information on post-natal depression. To counteract this negativity, I’ve compiled a list of all the POSITIVE ways having a baby will affect one’s life.

1. You will be filled with adoration

When baby arrives, you will experience a warmth and sensation of love that you have never experienced before.

2. You will feel a sense of fulfillment

I find everyday feeding, caring for and providing a safe environment for my baby gives me a huge sense of fulfillment and purpose. Watching her grow is the most rewarding thing ever and I cry everytime she does something new. Even if this works against me – like when she rebelliously learnt to take her hat off.

3. You and your partner can become a partnerSHIP

Contrary to what all the books said, I found that my relationship with my partner got SO MUCH STRONGER after our daughter was born and we became a proper team. From sharing night-feeds to doing rock-paper-scissors to see who will change the next nappy. Ontop of this, watching him step into the role of father was beautiful.

4. You will lose your baby weight but there’s no rush

Whatever they tell you is wrong. You can and will lose your baby weight. Yes, your hips may be slightly wider and your shape my change but you can go back down to your pre – pregnancy size. Just know that there’s no rush and it’s not a race.

5. You will prioritise

Becoming a mum will turn your life into a jigsaw: initially the pieces are thrown everywhere but eventually everything falls into place. You will maintain a work /life balance and you will learn to know what is and isn’t important.

6. Your sleep patterns will change but it’s not all doom and gloom

It would be wrong to tell you that your baby will be sleeping through from day dot but eventually you will adapt to the level of sleep you’re afforded. It will be hard as hell initially and if you have a partner you will need to ask them for help so that you can have a break, but you will adapt and so will your baby. You also can’t predict what your baby will be like, some sleep through very early on and some don’t sleep through until they’re 5 years old.

I hope that this post puts anyone’s minds at rest of they are thinking about having a baby or are already expecting. I’m aware I’m only going off of my own and people I know’s experiences but the point I’m trying to make is that the positives far out weigh the negatives and that you will be just fine.

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