I Ditched the gym and lost kilograms

A few months ago I stood on the scales nervously waiting for those mean little digital numbers to flash up. The deciding digits were as disappointing as I expected and that’s when I realised I should quit the gym.

I rejoined the gym 10 weeks after I had my daughter in the hope that I would snap back to a size 8. With a fresh face and high hopes I hopped into the gym thinking that the weight would just melt off and that I’d slip right back into my Topshop jeans in no time.

Well, if anything six months down the line I was still roughly the same size that I was when I came home from the hospital (minus the belly). All despite attending the gym like clock work. All while I was pregnant I had forgotten how toxic a place the gym can be and how so many people are so wrapped up in their weirdly muscular but emaciated selves. Every time I went I had people reminding me that I should do x , y and z to tone up a specific part of my body and one man even asked me if I was pregnant at 6 months postpartum.

The fact was that I’d been out of the gym for so long that I’d forgotten what it was like to be ill. It had been so long since I could touch my ribs and my shoulders were pointy. I could now sit on my bum without needing serious padding. I felt free. I didn’t need to be tiny and I certainly didn’t need to be dragged back into the grips of a serious eating disorder.

So it quit the gym and started to doing exercises on YouTube. I started out smug as hell thinking I would do some leg raises but realistically it was all a load of BS and I was so wrong. I started to lose baby weight within a week but I wasn’t overexercising or starving myself. I was motivated without the side portion of negativity that I would’ve got at the gym. Workouts vary from 20 to 30 to 45 minutes long and come all different forms of cardio and strength training and it is ENTIRELY on my terms. If my fiance needs help with an explosive nappy I am only in the spare room. I particularly recommend YouTube channels such as Hasfit, fitness blender. They have different options for different fitness levels, are easy to follow and effective.

It’s now been three or so months and I have reached a comfortable size 10-12. I feel good and I don’t feel the need of lose any more weight, only maintain. I would seriously recommend at home fitness to any mums out there; it is free, effective and there are strictly positive vibes only.

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